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Debt Girl’s Debt


Ok, let’s get down to numbers.

What is Debt Girl’s debt??

(takes deep breath)

As of January 1st, 2013, our credit card debt is as follows:

Wells Fargo Card 1- $9600.41
Wells Fargo Card 2- $3076.98
Furniture Store Card $868.93
Jewelry Store Card- $364.00

Total Amount: $13,910.32

And for my student loan debts, here we go:

Student Loan 1- $7,004.35
Student Loan 2- $49, 791.89 (currently in deferment, accruing interest)
Student Loan 3- $3,892.04 (currently in deferment, accruing interest)

Total Amount (for now): $60, 688.28

So we have a grand total of $74,598.60. Every time I see that number I hyperventilate a little bit. That’s a lot of money for someone my age!

My main goal is to get all of our credit card debt paid off by December 31, 2014. I think twenty-one months is plenty of time for us to make hefty payments on it if we can can keep to a budget and keep our jobs for another two years.

In all honesty, I’m not too worried about my student loan debt. I just can’t be at this point. It was an investment in myself and I knew what I signing into when I accepted the loan terms. It is what it is…I have a degree and now a butt load of debt to go along with it!

For those who also have credit card and student loan debt, do you view them as the same? Or is student loan debt considered ‘good debt’?


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