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Who is Debt Girl?

I never know what to write on the “first post”. I’ve been a serial blogger since 2006 and it still stumps me.

Let’s start with who I am:

I’m a 25 year old admin assistant that lives in Los Angeles, CA with my new husband (only been married a month!) and two cats. I have a B.A. in most things creative (a.k.a Fine Arts) and in my spare time love, love, LOVE paranormal romance books (don’t judge me).

The reason I started this blog is because the hubs and I are in debt. And since we insist on living in the awesome Los Angeles county, we need to get our debt whittled down to zero so we can afford things like eating food and vaccinating the fur balls.

I’m a geek and adore all things superhero, hence the name “Debt Girl”. I’d like to think of myself as the Spider-Man of debt, one minute being an average geeky young person and then next? WHAM! I’m saving someone from the perils of swiping that credit card or ignoring that past due statement.

Of course, that’s not true. At least not right now. Like all superheroes, I myself must first go through trials and tribulations…in my case, it’s in the form of paying off over $14,000 of I.O.Us. But hopefully my journey will inspire someone out there who’s just like me to work on blasting away their debt too. 🙂


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