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The Numbers

Now that you know where I’m coming from debt wise, here’s the current budget we’re working with:

expenses excel jpg

As you can see, we have over $1,000 a month that we can throw at debt. If we stick to our budget, we could be done with credit card debt within 14 months! Isn’t that crazy?

But just like anything that’s worth having, it’s not that easy. We’re having a hard time sticking to our budget. And by we, I mean “me”.

What can I say?? Superhero costumes ain’t cheap!

Seriously, though, I’m an emotional spender. And during the period where Hubs was unemployed, we couldn’t spend anything outside of the basics, which meant a whole year of eating cheap processed food (ramen anyone?), wearing clothes until the holes were too big to patch and being wary every time we wanted to go out and have some fun. “Fun Money” was $20 for the MONTH. For two people in LOS ANGELES. Not too fun at all.

So my hope is documenting my journey on Adventures will help me hone my moo-lah saving super powers and get to my zero credit debt goal by 2014.

Any emotional spenders out there in the peanut gallery? How do you cope?


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