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Debt Girl Gets a Dog…

You know how I’ve gotten into a lot of my debt? Impulse.

It was impulse to move to quit my job and move from hum-drum, low cost of living Midwest to California, it was impulse that made me get my tattoo and nose ring, and it was impulse that now has me saddled with a 6 week old side kick.

Remember when I said the Hubs and I were having puppy fever? Yeah, it didn’t go away after that post. As a matter of fact, over the next few days it ramped up. It’s spring, which means everyone has come out with his or her dogs. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit, folks.

After being discouraged by rescues because we live in an apartment (um, it’s L.A. What young professional doesn’t live in an apartment??), I took to Craigslist to see if there were any ‘apartment friendly’ breeds that needed a good home.

You know, just to look.

Kinda the same way ‘window shopping’ goes for those with debt issues.

Google told me Boxers make great apartment pets and are good with cats, so I found a couple of breeders online who were giving pups up for adoption. On impulse, I sent the links to Hubs, who instantly fell in love with them. We made an appointment to see them in two days.

For me, Debt Girl the Impulse Queen, that wasn’t soon enough. So! I found a breeder who told us we could come glance at the pups that very night.


We went, saw this cute little scrunch faced thing and decided on the whim to get her. Peeps, our apartment was not puppy proof, there were no supplies on hand, and we don’t have a clue on how to raise a puppy.

As soon as we drove off, I began to panic. What did we do? How were we going to take care of this precious thing? And after I found out 6 weeks was too young to be rehomed, we both felt incredibly guilty. Why had the breeder let us take her???

That was on a Thursday night. I called in sick on Friday and stayed home with the pup so we could get acquainted. I’ve been in a state of panic ever since.

Hubs tells me that we’ll be fine and my dog owning friends echo that sentiment. It’s not helping though. I’m still in “Oh shit!” mode

Oh, and the financials for my little impulse excursion?


Adoption fee: $500

Supplies:  $241.31

 Total: $741.31


That’s not to mention shots, spaying, and a new crate once she grows.

Will I ever learn??

Here’s a couple of pics of the new addition:

keke3 keke2 KeKe1


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